Ok, so you want a Media server with unlimited space for as much media as you can possibly collect… Be it that Blockbuster Movie, 80’s Sitcom, or that obscure documentary series. And just maybe you would like a few friends and family members to be able to access your media server.

So you could set your self up with a stack of external hard drives, or a NAS or any other type of local media storage setup. But that’s going to cost in both initial outlay and ongoing running costs (electricity). And if you want to share your server then your connection speed could be an issue as well.

So, first things first. How do you get unlimited storage, well if you don’t know or can’t guess… That will be google, or more specfically Google’ gSuite for Business. Although it does suggest you need 5 Users to qualify for unlimited space, that does not seem to be the case (although you should be prepared to accept that could change)

So unlimited… no such thing as unlimited I hear you say, well probably not, but I just can’t help but try… It will always be a gamble, you spend loads of time uploading stuff to an unlimited service and then the rug gets pulled from under you. Yep, has happened to on numerous times. Bitcassa, Amazon and others. Many have tried and failed, it’s just part of the game, as people just see any offer of unlimited as a challenge 🙂 But gSuite is primarly a service aimed at Business, so that gives me hope that it will stick around. But it may not.

But you have been warned, so don’t blame me

Still interested well I guess you better go and sign your self up for a gSuite account. It will cost you $12 a month (£tbc) and you will need a domain name to use with it, just shop around for the best price, I used 123Reg because I already had other domains with them.

If you are feeling generous you could use my gSuite referal code, it makes no difference to your sign up process or cost, but gives me a small financial credit.