Media Prep (software)

Sometimes you need to fiddle with your media before adding them to Plex. Tools to help with modifying your source material. So here is a list of the (free) things I use most frequently (In no particular order).

  • Handbrake
    Use this if you want re-encode your files and you don’t like the command line. Most of what you can do with this can be done with ffmpeg.
  • ffmpeg
    A command line alternative to Handbrake.
  • MakeMKV
    Extract your Discs to MKV Files.
  • MP4Box
    Does Stuff… I find it useful to clean up / remove metadata from mp4 files, simply run your files through this and your pesky metadata is gone.
  • MKVToolNix
    Handy toolkit of mkv things. Can Join Files, can remux from mp4 to mkv. As I have mentioned before I prefer to use mkv files, so when I come across mp4 files I simply remux them to mkv with this.