Plex Support

This can be a bit of challenge… Now don’t get me wrong, I am a great fan of Plex. But support can be a bit of a let down.

They only provide support through the forum which runs discourse, and posts on there come thick and fast. So it can be a bit hit and miss as to if your post will get picked up, let alone solved.

Most of the ‘support’ is provided by the ‘Ninjas’ who are not afaik plex staff, just volunteers. No idea how they are selected. But this can lead to unfortunate issues. As it seems recently 1 of the quite prolific ‘Ninjas’ has decided to call it day, which is fine, everyone has a choice, but the said ‘Ninja’ removed all their posts and replies, which has left a lot of post’s in the synology forum making no sense!

That being said, there are quite few posts made that could be solved by reading the support documents, or checking the announcements thread.

Searching the forum is probably a good idea as well but tbh I am not very impressed with the Discourse Search. What seem like simple requests, do not tend to pull up the most relevant posts. e.g. trying to find the download for Plex Media Player (PMP) I would think a search for ‘PMP Download’ would show a post with download as the first result, but nope, no such luck. (plex media player download does not fare any better)