Tautulli (Monitor your Plex Server)

Tautulli is standalone software that you can use to see who’s doing what on your Plex Media Server. It can also send notications and newsletters to a whole collection of services. For more details check the link above.

Running it on a Synology NAS

To run it on a Synology nas, you have a couple of options, you can either install it from the Syno Community Repo (If you have set that up) or you can run it in Docker.

Running it in Docker is probably preferable, as it does allow you to (relatively easily) create more than 1 install. Useful where you have more than Plex Media Server. As a single Tautulli install can only monitor a single Plex Media Server.

When I initially set it up I did struggle to get it to work. The trick was…

When you initially create the container, in the Network tab, there is a checkbox to use the same network as Docker host, so I checked that.
(fwiw, You can only do this when creating the container, there is no Network tab when you edit an existing container)

Once you select that you can no longer change anything in the Port Settings tab, so I just carried on and set the environment vars.

Launched the container and loaded Tautulli from the ip address of the nas and port 8181

and… success Tautulli loaded at your nas ipaddress:8181 and now can verify the server using the ip address of the nas and port 33400.

(Once you have finished setting up the container and look in the docker network panel in the DSM you will see the container has been added to the host network section)

You can created more installs by creating new docker container(s) and changing the port from 8181 to something else (make sure the port(s) you choose is not already in use)